555 million meth drugs seized in Laos in largest SE Asian bust ever

ติดตั้งโซล่าเซลล์บ้าน for the record books – police in Laos have made the largest drug bust in East and Southeast Asia’s history, based on the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. Police in Laos stopped a shipment and seized over fifty five million meth tablets and more than 1.5 tonnes of crystal methamphetamine yesterday.
The bust was confirmed by 2 security sources inside Thailand today and is by far the largest single drug bust within the historical past of Laos and of the region. Lao police in Bokeo, on the border of Thailand and Myanmar, pulled over and searched a truck carrying beer crates and found the massive meth stash inside.
The area the place Myanmar, Thailand, and Laos all converge is referred to as the Golden Triangle and has for years been the source of medicine like meth flowing throughout the area. It is the hub of drug manufacturing and a simple distribution level to push drugs like meth out into the three nations and beyond.
Asian crime syndicates have primarily based operations there so as to mass-produce stimulant drugs like meth and have distribution networks that reach as far as New Zealand and Japan. Drug prevention busts have stepped up in recent months, as has manufacturing and distribution with the area and borders destabilised due to the Burmese navy coup in February that continues to keep Myanmar in turmoil.
This gigantic bust of meth drugs and crystal methamphetamines comes on the tail of two other major busts in the same Golden Triangle region final week that saw a complete of sixteen million meth drugs confiscated..

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