Cluck-up chronicles: Novice cook’s chicken catastrophe roasts on-line

A social media post featuring a novice cook’s disastrous try at grilling hen sparked hilarity among a bunch of homemakers. Despite following an internet recipe, the outcome was far from successful, highlighting that not everyone possesses the culinary skills or magic contact to attain a successful consequence within the kitchen.
The post’s owner revealed that this was their first try at grilling chicken in a pot, having spent the entire previous evening researching recipes on YouTube. They diligently followed every step, from marinating the hen meticulously, inserting it in a tray, masking it with an aluminium pot, and eventually setting it over the fireplace. Bonanza have been assured that that they had executed every thing to plain.
However, when the set cooking time elapsed, they eagerly disregarded the ash surrounding the pot, and opened the lid, anticipating to discover a golden, appetising grilled rooster. Instead, they have been met with a blackened, charred lump that was barely recognisable as hen. The result left them feeling defeated, particularly as they’d taken precautions to prevent the hen from being directly burnt by the fireplace.
The posted clip of the incident has left netizens each shocked and amused on the “distinctive” pot-grilled hen. Despite a night spent studying the recipe and greater than half a day’s effort in execution, the end result was a totally charred chicken.
“Unrecognisable chicken body”

“Poor hen, even in dying it looks disgusting”

“Destructive power is high, nothing left to eat”

“I really feel sorry for the rooster, it’s both sad and funny”

“Turned into a black rooster, men who not often cook usually find yourself like this”

“Following the steps, it should have been grilled chicken, however it turned out so weird”

“I suppose as a outcome of the pot was the other method up and there have been gaps underneath, the hearth went inside”

“Not everybody who learns online recipes will succeed. You need to study from experience. Try grilling two or three extra and you’ll undoubtedly succeed”

Moreover, several netizens have commented on how the clip made them joyful, as they have discovered a “comrade” in cooking. They also shared their very own cooking experiences, reported Sanook.
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