Holed up

SRISAKET: When the stresses of life and the strain to be well mannered turn out to be an excessive quantity of, the thought of retreating into slightly place to get away from all of it can be quite tempting. This is precisely what one man in Srisaket province has accomplished – for the past 20 years. While out visiting his expenses in the province’s Nam Kliang District, Srisaket Vice-Governor Phirasak Hinmuangkao was told a couple of man within the district who lived in a hole in his relatives’ garden. Villagers led V/Gov Phirasak to the home of siblings Phai Jaijaeng, eighty two, and Khai Jaijaeng, seventy three. Outside the house, V/Gov Phirasak was shown an nearly three-meter-deep pit where K. Phai and K. Don’t worry , 70-year-old Suan, have lived for the past 20 years. K. Phai stated that about 20 years ago, his youthful brother had begun acting unusually and refused to talk to him. Shortly after, K. Suan dug a gap with an entrance only 50 centimeters by 50cm and then retreated into it, refusing to depart or even to come back out to take a bath. When K. Phai requested his broth

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