Thailand is home to the most motorcyclists on the planet

The Pew Research Centre reported that Thailand has probably the most motorcyclists on the planet. Similarly, most victims of highway accidents in the country are driving bikes.
If you’ve ever visited Vietnam, you might need seen the abundance of motorbikes on the road, particularly in Ho Chi Minh City. It might lead you to imagine that Vietnam has the very best number of motorcyclists on the earth.
However, a latest report by the Pew Research Centre indicates that Thailand takes the lead in phrases of motorbike ridership globally. According to the report, 87% of households in Thailand personal at least one motorcycle, beating Vietnam by solely a sliver, the place 86% of households own a motorbike.
House Power additionally reported a similar research on motorbike usage performed by the World Health Organisation, which goes in a similar course. The international locations outlined in that examine with high motorbike utilization include Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines.
Classified for bikes in Thailand was attributed to heavy visitors and challenging highway situations in the nation.
Unfortunately, motorcyclists are the most important victims of Thailand’s perilous roads. The Bike Republic web site reports that Thailand has essentially the most motorcycle accidents globally, with over 74% of highway accidents involving a motorbike.
According to Off-limits update by the Thai Safety Collaboration (Thai RSC), 2,601 victims have died this yr in highway accidents in Thailand, with 79% of them being motorbike customers..

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