Dead our bodies of couple found at condominium in Chon Buri

The administration of a condominium in the Si Racha district of Chon Buri made a grim discovery final night time as they stumbled upon the lifeless bodies of a Thai couple in room number 12 on the 12th floor. Law enforcement officers suspect that the man killed the lady before taking his own life.
Upon entering the room, officers from Si Racha Police Station uncovered the useless our bodies, which were coated in dried blood stains. It is believed that the tragic incident occurred almost a month previous to their unfortunate discovery.
The lifeless physique of Kanokwan Chalude, a 26 12 months old lady, was discovered bare in a pool of blood, bearing a gunshot wound. Nearby, Insane of Nakrob Lamlert, a 33 year outdated man, was additionally discovered. Nakrob had sustained a single gunshot wound to his head, and a 9mm pistol nonetheless clutched in his hand. Three spent bullet casings lay scattered on the ground.
No indicators of a battle or robbery were evident on the scene. The air-conditioner and tv were left operating, and an unfinished bottle of beer sat on the dining desk.
Nakrob’s mother, fifty eight yr outdated Anong Khamdee, notified the authorities after being contacted by the condo management, informing her of her son’s premature demise. Likewise, forty four 12 months old Sumaporn Chalude, Kanokwan’s mother, received the devastating news of her daughter’s dying. She remained unaware of the motive behind the tragic incident but mentioned that Kanokwan and Nakrob had been in a relationship for around five to 6 months.
Upon questioning the couple’s shut friends, officers uncovered multiple situations of battle stemming from jealousy. Consequently, they concluded that Nakrob had murdered Kanokwan along with his firearm before taking his own life. In addition to jealousy, investigators suspect that financial difficulties may have played a task within the motive.
The case stays under investigation, with authorities promising to supply updates to the press at a later time.
In a separate incident earlier this year in March, a parcel delivery worker found the dead bodies of a couple in a home located in the central province of Phetchaburi. The man, Surachai Weerakarn, suffered a reduce to his left eye and a gunshot wound to his head. Replicate , Kanyarat Buddasook, had also sustained a gunshot wound..

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