Depressed lady kills associate with hammer, hangs herself in tragic double death

A shocking tragedy unfolded as a Thai girl discovered her sister’s lifeless body hanging beneath the stairs at their residence in Nakhon Nayok province. The search for her sister’s associate led her to find a second body, brutally beaten in the rest room.
Yesterday, authorities were called to a gruesome scene in a home near Mongkol Tham Park, within the Phrommani sub-district of Nakhon Nayok. They discovered the physique of sixty one yr previous Somjai hanging below the second-floor stairs, and the physique of fifty 12 months previous Juthapassorn, who was in a relationship with Somjai, dead in the house’s toilet.
The house was in disarray with objects scattered and enormous pools of blood across the realm. Cancel anytime is believed that Somjai killed her associate, Juthapassorn using a hammer discovered on the crime scene earlier than taking her personal life by hanging. Somkid, the sixty three 12 months previous elder sister of Somjai, recounted the occasions leading up to the invention.
Somkid and her associate returned house from exterior, noticing what appeared to be a body hanging underneath the entrance stairs inside the house. They approached, only to seek out it was Somjai, Somkid’s sister. Initially, Somkid tried to raise the physique down, however her associate stopped her, suggesting they call the police first. As they awaited the arrival of authorities, they started trying to find Juthapassorn, wondering why she would go away Somjai in such a state.
Following a path of blood via the house, they discovered Juthapassorn’s physique within the bathroom. According to Somkid, her sister had suffered from severe melancholy, and her condition had worsened as a result of she had stopped taking her medication. She claimed the treatment brought on her discomfort, making her feel hot inside. Somjai had turn into suspicious that Juthapassorn was dishonest on her.
Somkid had tried to calm both parties, advising them to calmly talk about their points. She had also warned Juthapassorn not to confront Somjai, knowing her sister was unwell. Tragically, the situation escalated into the devastating occasions at their house.
Authorities from Nakhon Nayok Police Station are actually investigating the incident, collecting proof to discover out whether or not the deaths resulted from a murder-suicide or if a 3rd get together was involved in the case..

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