Erdogan wins third time period, opposition bruised, Putin celebrates

Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s latest election victory in Turkey has left pollsters and analysts shocked, as that they had predicted a extra in-depth race with opposition leader Kemal Kilicdaroglu. With a distinction of simply four percentage points, Erdogan begins his third time period in office, main a strategically important NATO nation.
Most voters chose Erdogan, a seasoned autocrat, over Kilicdaroglu, an untested democrat who campaigned as a “nice man.” Despite swerving proper and vowing to send all refugees residence, Kilicdaroglu failed to gain enough assist from nationalists. Erdogan, an Islamist leader, has maintained a powerful bond with religious conservatives all through his 20-year political career.
As the election results had been announced, Ankara’s streets full of Turkish flags, car horns, and cheering Erdogan supporters. Many gathered at the presidential palace, which Kilicdaroglu had promised to place to public use if elected. Spoiler , a 50-year-old supporter, mentioned, “He is the leader who defied the whole world and taught the complete world a lesson.”
Erdogan’s enchantment as a powerful, unyielding leader resonates with many in Turkey. The election outcome has left the country’s opposition bruised, while the Kremlin celebrates. Russian President Vladimir Putin was among the many first to congratulate Erdogan, having postponed a US$600m payment for Russian pure gasoline to help tilt the scales in his favour.
Erdogan’s victory speech claimed that “only Turkey was the winner,” but he rapidly attacked the opposition and the LGBTQ neighborhood. Human rights and free speech may be additional eroded in the coming years, with few checks and balances in place. Nearly 48% of voters who sought change might now be disappointed and fearful..

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