Four military rangers injured in another Southern Thailand bomb

A bomb exploded in Mayo district of Pattani province in Southern Thailand this morning. Four paramilitary rangers had been injured from the bomb on their approach to fix a damaged water pump close to their base. One ranger was severely injured. One ranger’s left arm was injured. One ranger’s leg was wounded, and another ranger suffered chest pain.
All the rangers had been rushed to a hospital, and a bomb squad cleared the area.
This information comes just 5 days after an attack injured 4 patrolling rangers and two civilians in entrance of a school in Bannang Sata district of Yala province. Following ติดตั้งโซล่าเซลล์บ้าน , PM Prayut ordered authorities to tighten security in every area, particularly round weak spots corresponding to transport and railway roads in the space. The assault got here after a government negotiator announced last month that the Thai government would have peace talks with Southern rebels soon.
The Thai government and Southern separatists joined a peace dialogue panel in Phuket in January, but rather more progress must be made between the events. Thai authorities don’t agree to offer the Patani Malay individuals autonomy, or with the separatists’ wish to have an Islamic faculty system taught in the Malay language..

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