Laughing chickens deliver joy and revenue to Thai farm with their quirky crowing

Unique laughing chickens in Trang are gaining recognition among farmers who’re speedily breeding the novel birds for sale, creating an extra source of income. With a sound that resembles human laughter, the amusing birds are brightening people’s days and attracting eager clients.
It was reported right now that Kritiwit Eiadnun, also identified as Goong Kuanhan, a 50 12 months old hospital employee and proprietor of the Pa Saun Kwang farm in Muang district, determined to breed the so-called “laughing chickens.”
The birds are mentioned to have a particular vocalisation, beginning with the identical old rooster crow, adopted by a definite shimmying giggle reminiscent of human laughter. This unique sound, which tends to make folks smile and even join within the laughter, is what caught Eiadnun’s attention. The birds themselves are aesthetically pleasing with long, vibrant feathers.
Eiadnun purchased the chickens when they had been only one month old at 500 baht per pair. Now, they are approaching one 12 months old, feeding on common chicken feed, in addition to a natural combine including fa talai jone, turmeric, bergamot peel, contemporary chillies, and different herbs to forestall ailments and enhance their immune methods.
Purchased primarily as a type of stress aid for his daughter and to deter her from mobile gaming, the birds have interaction in crowing contests and mingle with other chickens of their free-range setting. On Eiadnun’s farm, more than 30 chickens come out to roam and peck at pure feed day by day, showing especially relaxed and vocal throughout late mornings and early afternoons, reported KhaoSod.
The laughing chickens have been in high demand, with over one hundred chicks already hatched and bought once they reach one month of age, priced at 500 baht per pair. The business generates Eiadnun 1,500 baht per week in further revenue. With easy care and maintenance akin to ordinary chickens, Eiadnun believes that extra farmers may venture into breeding and selling these pleasant birds for added revenue, as there’s nonetheless vital market curiosity. Those fascinated can observe Pa Saun Kwang farm in Trang on Facebook, or contact Eiadnun immediately at 094-1415193 for inquiries or to review farm operations.
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