Lottery draw: Surin Province locals swarm fortunate shrine amidst Buddhist Lent festivities

As lottery fever gripped the 4 corners of Surin Province, locals flocked to the reputed “Kilohian” shrine to seek fortunes for the upcoming lottery draw scheduled today. The looming rains didn’t dampen their enthusiasm as they eagerly gathered for the seer’s numbers.
Our sources reported that this lottery draw scene unfolded yesterday around 5.30pm at the 18th kilometre mark on the Sikhoraphum-Rattanaburi Road, Kalamae Subdistrict, Sikhoraphum District. Mirroring Tested , folks of all ages–children, adolescents, elders alike– from varied regions thronged the area having fun with their lengthy break getting into Buddhist Lent whereas additionally taking their possibilities on the famend shrine of Grandfather and Grandmother Ta Chan, Ta Se, and Yai Mee.
The shrine, which rightly has been the fortunate appeal for many, was set as much as allow locals and visitors alike to worship and search fortune according to their particular person beliefs.
During the mentioned time, a particular ceremony was helmed by an unidentified monk in a white gown who had travelled all the way from Nakhon Ratchasima Province. He performed some solemn sacraments at the shrine and recited sure chants. As he was engrossed in his prayers, curious onlookers educated their eyes on him, all the while saluting in respect and silently whispering their needs.
The lottery draw ceremony culminated as the monk began tapping his strolling stick towards the kilometre marker, which then induced the group to pay their respects and pray for luck. Post the solemn display, the monk greeted several merchants before exiting the place, reported Sanook.
Despite the looming thunderstorm that was about to descend on them, the fortune-seekers remained undeterred. They continued to light their conventional incense, anticipating to win lottery numbers. Each devotee hinted at a different set of lottery draw numbers, hoping for a victorious streak..

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