Murder mystery: Khon Kaen grandmother killed by grandson for 100 baht

A surprising scene unfolded when an elderly lady was discovered murdered in her garden by the riverside yesterday at roughly 1.30pm in Sila sub-district, Mueang Khon Kaen, Thailand. In a subsequent investigation led by the local police chief, Pra Kengsarikit, crucial evidence about the crime was found. With the principle suspect on the run, the manhunt to nab him escalated rapidly.
Police officers along with four health workers, together with Niruth Khunkitti, visited the crime scene where the seventy nine yr old woman, Pao, was found. Revealing the brutality of the act, the autopsy of the deceased showed multiple stab wounds. A lengthy knife of about 20 centimetres, believed to be the homicide weapon, was later uncovered from a dishwashing sink behind the house close to the crime scene.
Near the crime scene, the police took evidence from a room crammed with furnishings and alcohol – six bottles of white spirits, a beer bottle, an power drink, and a water jug. The highlight quickly turned to Pao’s grandson, who was missing from the scene soon after the crime was reported.
The detectives from the native police station adopted up on a tip-off, which led them to a roadside cement slab on the outskirts of town. They discovered their suspect, Surawit, a 28 year old man, who appeared inebriated and seemingly getting ready to flee. Surawit was taken in for questioning but remained silent, revealing solely that he lived a secluded life and his earnings have been spent on maintaining his household, reported KhaoSod.
Surawit had come from Bangkok, where he had a wife and two kids, to work in Khon Kaen. He had been drinking heavily for days, and when he discovered his car had no gas, he requested his grandmother for a hundred baht (US$3). She refused and in a drunken rage, Surawit stabbed her and dumped her body within the backyard across from her house. Freebie confessed, mentioning his emotional turmoil because of splitting from his family and drinking his way into committing this offence.
The son of the deceased, fifty seven yr outdated Yuenyong, expressed his disappointment over the incident. Yuenyong revealed that Surawit used to devour medication and had obtained therapy for his addiction. He lived a secluded life, typically arguing and ingesting alone..

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