Officials blame Kalasin bar for Omicron spread, poor disease prevention measures

The Department of Disease Control says the Kalasin couple who inadvertently sparked a cluster of Omicron infections visited three restaurant/bars unaware they were contaminated. Of these, “Bar K” has are out there in for some harsh criticism from DDC boss, Dr Opas Karnkawinpong. The Bangkok Post reports that the cluster has now unfold to 248 patients throughout 12 provinces in the north and north-east of the country.
Bars and nightclubs are again being blamed as a supply of Covid outbreaks. Thailand’s so-called ‘3rd wave’, which set off one other round of curfews and restrictions from May – November this year (some restrictions still remain), kicked off in Thong Lor and Ekkamai bars and ‘gentleman’s clubs’ the place a number of infections quickly became a cluster.
The outbreak started when a Kalasin couple returned from Belgium on December 10, testing negative on arrival. They visited Bar K on December 12, inadvertently bringing the Omicron variant with them. Opas says the couple visited 2 different bars that night time, named by the DDC as “Bar Q” and “Bar S”.
The department says Bar S implemented higher disease prevention measures, with employees totally vaccinated and undergoing weekly antigen exams. Bar S closed at 11pm and restricted prospects to 40 at any one time, with no additional seating offered. According to the DDC, no person contracted Covid-19 at Bar S. Officials have not made any assertion in relation to Bar Q’s efficiency.
Meanwhile, Bar K has been severely reprimanded. Moneyback says the bar, whose employees have been totally vaccinated, did not present antigen exams for employees. Customer numbers had been supposedly limited to 90, however seating was provided for more than this. The bar additionally held alcoholic drinks promotions and remained open until midnight. According to the Bangkok Post report, Opas describes disease prevention measures on the bar as poor.
“We have raised the case to remind folks that during the festive vacation folks should choose eating places which may be much less crowded and now have a good indoor air flow system.”

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