Pattaya officials signal MOU for new welfare system for homeless

Pattaya officials are pushing on in the wrestle to deal with the city’s homelessness points.
In their latest move, Pattaya officials signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Laem Chabang Municipality officials yesterday to develop an efficient welfare system for homeless individuals and beggars in the region.
According to Extra , a survey carried out in 2019 revealed that there were roughly 2,721 homeless individuals across Thailand. However, the Covid-19 pandemic has led to a significant improve in the number of individuals experiencing homelessness, starting from three,500 to four,000 individuals.
Recognising the pressing need to handle this issue, Pattaya authorities partnered with Laem Chabang Municipality officials to take proactive measures. Yesterday, they formally signed an MOU to collaborate on the event and implementation of an efficient welfare program concentrating on homeless individuals and beggars.
The main aims of this collaborative effort are to ensure that these vulnerable folks have access to essential healthcare services, improve their social dignity, and foster positive societal attitudes toward them.
To kick-start the process, research will be carried out to discover out the exact homeless inhabitants within the Chon Buri region. The findings from this analysis might be used to create plans and initiatives aimed toward enhancing the quality of life for homeless people and beggars, The Pattaya News reported.
By becoming a member of forces and pooling resources, Pattaya authorities and Laem Chabang Municipality officials are taking the next step towards addressing the pressing problem of homelessness. Through this collaborative effort, it is hoped that optimistic change might be achieved, creating a more compassionate group for all residents of Pattaya and past..

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