Phuket Gazette Queer News: The live lizard eater of Kamphaeng Phet

PHUKET: A 74-year-old man in Kamphaeng Phet Province has revealed his secret to staying wholesome: consuming reside lizards.Dokrak Umsaeng, initially from Ang Thong, says he has been consuming small geckos, that are commonly found on partitions in Thailand, for 12 years – and has no plans to cease it.Lert Thetjaem, the previous village chief of Khlong Si Nuan in the Muang District of Kamphaeng Phet, tipped off reporters from Kom Chad Luek that a man in his village was consuming geckos as a end result of he claimed that they had well being benefits.When the reporters arrived at Mr Dokrak’s house, they found a large crowd gathered exterior.Mr Dokrak was at the middle of the crowd holding a plastic bag containing two small, stay lizards.He pulled one of many lizards out of the bag and held it over his gaping mouth. Then he flicked the creature on the head, presumably to stun it, before stuffing it into his mouth. After he took a gulp of water, the gecko was gone.Mr Dokrak was nearly giddy with excitement, as if he had simply consumed some type of stimulant.One member of the gang who watched the display, Bunmi Laochaeng, 49, then stepped forward and mentioned that he too wish to eat a lizard.Mr Bunmi then swallowed the second gecko, wanting as if he was going to be sick because the creature travelled down his throat.Mr Bunmi informed reporters he had by no means eaten a gecko before however needed to try one after listening to Mr Dokrak extolling the well being advantages.Mr Dokrak told reporters he had been consuming lizards for 12 years as a outcome of he thought they could treatment illness.He claimed that he used to undergo from shortness of breath however that eating geckos cured him.He mentioned consuming lizards was an outdated belief that had died out. When he was a toddler people regularly grilled and ate lizards as a outcome of they believed it would make them strong.“The way you eat geckos is to take them and grill them. Or some people cowl them in moist tamarind and eat them,” said Mr Dokrak. “These days, every time I find a lizard I seize it and eat it immediately. Sometimes I don’t eat one for half a month as there aren’t many left and discovering them will get harder and more durable every single day,” he said. “But for Verify , consuming one every two or three days is sweet. The essential factor is that it also increases your sexual power,” he added..

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