Thaipocrisy: United States deny meddling in Thailand political affairs

Unsurprisingly, and never for the first time, the United States has been accused of meddling in one other country’s political affairs, surprisingly, this time it’s Thailand’s flip. The US has a protracted historical past of interfering in international affairs, as Cuba, China, Russia, Iran, Vietnam, and most South American nations can testify. Psycho appears to be endemic in US politics.
US Ambassador Robert F Godec was on the defensive at a press conference yesterday when questioned about American interference and meddling claims in Thai politics.
The US Ambassador stressed that his residence country had no intention of interfering in internal Thai political issues. Godec quashed rumours suggesting the US government took sides within the current Thai General Election, stating that their sole curiosity lies in fostering democratic processes.
The 67 12 months old said…
“Confronting the relentless and malicious conspiracy theories, I want to put it on record that we dismiss all fabricated allegations about the United States meddling within the Thai election.
“Our stance isn’t to favour any corner or celebration. Our only interest and help are for the democratic course of. It is solely as a lot as the Thai populace to select their authorities.”
When queried whether or not the approaching authorities would possibly incline in the path of the US over other world forces similar to China or Russia, Godec highlighted a collaborative relationship spanning two centuries, marking the a hundred and ninetieth anniversary of US-Thailand diplomatic ties this 12 months.
“Our bond with the Thai government is huge, spanning a multitude of arenas together with safety, commerce and investment, schooling, healthcare, and regulation enforcement. This longstanding relationship was further fortified with the signing of the Strategic Communique final July.
“We eagerly anticipate working with the incoming Thai government, as soon as chosen as per the Thai constitution.”
Godec said that the US hopes to proceed work based mostly on the objectives outlined in the Strategic Communique. These involve the growth and fortification of the strategic partnership to stop discord, protect a tranquil security ambience, foster free expression, and civil and political rights, and obtain inclusive, sustainable, and balanced economic prosperity.
Answering a question regarding the potential of the brand new government introducing policies that could potentially hurt the Thai monarchy and nationwide security, Godec made clear that the US respects the Thai monarchy and is conscious of the Thai people’s reverence for the royal family.
“We are eager to additional our work with the established Thai government to combat international challenges, promote economic development, create jobs, bolster safety and handle regional challenges. There is a plethora of issues that we might jointly tackle.”
On being asked in regards to the Move Forward Party’s potential amendment to Section 112, in any other case often known as the lese majeste legislation, Godec said that the US government revered that call as one for Thai lawmakers and residents.
Godec additionally categorically denied the presence of any American military base in Thailand, not like different Southeast Asian international locations such as the Philippines..

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