Vienna Tourist Board censored by Facebook, shares art on OnlyFans

OnlyFans has been in the news a lot, growing fame or infamy as a place for creators to share content, ladies to promote specific footage and movies, and now, a place to see historical works of art? After falling victim to Facebook and Instagram’s censorship algorithms, the Vienna Tourist Board has moved to OnlyFans to show great works of art.
Joining over 2 million different creators, the tourist board opened an OnlyFans account where they can safely share some of the artwork of Vienna that some more puritanical people may find offensive for displaying nudity. โซล่าเซลล์คุณภาพดี had beforehand been shared with the world on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, however work and sculptures that depicted even partial nudity had been flagged and eliminated.
Some social media accounts have been even closed and banned for posting the art work. A spokesperson for the museum questioned the virtue of the algorithmic censorship blocking cultural legacy.
“It may lead to some unconscious self-censorship, when artists start to make art in one other way or collectors assemble their collections differently because they know a tool as robust as social media would not present or promote sure kinds of artwork. This is sort of horrifying.”

In response to the censorship of art, the Vienna Tourist Board launched its OnlyFans account, using the much less constrictive guidelines of the platform that lately attempted to ban nudity however rapidly backed down after large backlash.
In the previous, Facebook has banned accounts of a instructor in 2011 who posted the painting L’Origine du Monde (The Origin of the World) by Gustave Courbet which depicts a woman’s genitals and in 2017 Instagram eliminated photographs from the Boston Museum of Fine Arts for violating neighborhood requirements.
The Vienna Tourist Board mentioned they may not post a 20th-anniversary video of the Leopold Museum as a portray of a partially bare couple was seen in it. And an entire new TikTok account needed to be created for the Albertina Museum after partial nudes in a Japanese exhibit caused their account to be banned.
The OnlyFans account has garnered about 300 followers so far with the Vienna Tourist Board commenting that they realise this account will solely reach a sure subset of individuals, but they consider it starts a dialog and raises consciousness about art and censorship. They hope it will encourage folks to come back to Vienna and they are providing OnlyFans subscribers a free Vienna City Card or admission to one of the museums whose art work is featured on the site..

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