Botched drug raid: owner claims cope with police, guests bum rush police

A botched drug raid in a popular Pattaya club saw patrons push previous police to flee, and the nightclub owner complained he already had a take care of authorities. Bona fide say the raid of Club One Pattaya netted proof of unlawful drug use however led to no arrests. Outnumbered police couldn’t include the group of round 200 patrons, who charged at the police and pushed their means out of the membership to freedom.
The drug raid occurred after hours, as Pattaya Police and officers from Chon Buri and Region 2 arrived early Sunday at 3am. Authorities have been acting on nameless complaints about rampant drug use within the in style club in North Pattaya that caters to Thai tourists however hosts foreigners as properly.
They discovered the club packed and raging with about 200 Thai and overseas folks ingesting and dancing inside nicely after closing time. Police demanded staff cut the music after which began the conventional process of handing out drug tests to all patrons.
But one man set off pandemonium through the raid when he loudly and aggressively refused to be drug examined. Others began to comply with swimsuit and soon the handfuls of patrons stampeded the police lines. TPN National News reported prospects easily overtook the vastly outnumbered police forces and pushed by way of officers blocking the door, escaping into the evening.
Police say they turned up proof of drug use and a quantity of positive tests. But within the fracas, they had been unable to make any arrests or detain any suspects.
Further blemishing the failed drug raid, when authorities did detain the owner of the club, he was combative and defensive. He was open after hours as a end result of he claimed he already had a cope with authorities, although details weren’t elaborated upon. He demanded to know why he was being raided and not other native venues that had been assumedly also breaking legal guidelines and had drug use inside..

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