Financial dispute: Online gaming leads to tragic real-life confrontation in South Korea

In South Korea, a chilling online feud case unfolded the place authorities found a deceased man and another critically wounded inside a automobile parked on a busy freeway close to the town of Azu South Jeolla province. The seemingly grotesque state of affairs, in accordance with the ongoing investigation, is believed to have stemmed from a deadly game designed to resolve a persisting monetary dispute.
Authorities established that the 2 males were found inside the automobile on Monday, with brutal accidents on their thighs. The post-mortem examination of the deceased identified the reason for demise as sepsis and intense blood loss stemming from a wound inflicted by a rock.
Police investigations revealed that the boys, who met by way of a web-based sport three years prior, had engaged in an everlasting monetary dispute. The implications of their battle led to a call of cohabitating inside the similar car, simply escalating the tensions between them. Last chance spanned over three weeks earlier than the grim event.
Their conflict resolution strategy involved a bizarre recreation, where the first to go to sleep would receive 5 strikes to the thigh with a rock, administered by the opposite. This led to extreme accidents inflicted on their hands.
The tragic culmination of their lethal recreation occurred round 11.40am on Saturday when one of many men misplaced his life as a result of excessive blood loss. The surviving man, under treatment in a hospital, is dealing with involuntary manslaughter charges reported KhaoSod.
Detectives hypothesising the duo’s deep obsession with their peculiar sport, which led to their disconnection from actuality, reportedly found a contract undersigned by each men. Within this document, a clause dictates the punishment of rock-inflicted thigh injuries for the first to succumb to sleep..

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