Phuket man wins 18 million baht from lottery, plans to repay debts

After praying at several temples with high hopes, one Phuket man’s dream of successful the lottery has come true! The man, who lives in Ratsada on Phuket’s east coast, received 18 million baht yesterday, which simply happened to be April Fool’s day. The national Thai lottery is drawn twice a month.
But the profitable was no joke. The man, Panuwat, says he has struggled with debt, and was even 10 million baht in debt a couple of years ago.
Panuwat had been regularly shopping for lottery tickets, and visiting temples to wish to a ghost that many Thais consider grants people monetary fortune. Panuwat says he plans to use his winnings to construct a better home for him and his family to reside in.
“I labored extremely hard to pay off that debt, taking every possible job I may such as quick food supply companies, laundry companies, and working at a market stall”.
Panuwat stated the successful will now assist him completely clear his debt, once and for all. Though he now lives in Phuket, Panuwat comes from the village of No Sai Thong in Ratsada in Thailand’s South. He is 38 years outdated.
Like many Thais, Panuwat purchased lottery tickets that had numbers corresponding with one thing in his private life. He said he regularly bought two or three Lottery Plus tickets with the numbers 8618, which correspond to his license plat registration quantity. Thais also use all sorts of particular or significant numbers which they could regard as auspicious or lucky.
Earlier this month, a monk in Nakhon Phanom who received 18 million baht in the lottery, like Panuwat did, gave the money away to locals, temples, and organisations. ผลไม้แช่อิ่ม mentioned he believed the money he gained belongs to the angels and he didn’t want to maintain it for himself.
SOURCE: The Phuket News

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