3-A vs. EHEDG or also theoretical vs. practical

Experts estimate the time spent cleaning in the food and beverage industry to be as much as 30 percent. Thus, it is also understandable why the manufacturers attach great importance to a cleaning-friendly design (hygienic design). Many producers therefore look out for a 3-A or an EHEDG symbol. But what do these symbols stand for … Read more

The strain sensor in practical application

Drill two holes and cut the threads, prepare the surface, place the strain sensor and tighten both screws to the specified torque, then set the zero point and now the strain measurement can start.If only it were that easy! Of course, the procedure described for force measurement with strain sensors works: The strains acting are … Read more

Grounding of hydrostatic level sensors

Hydrostatic level sensors (also referred to as submersible pressure transmitter) have become often installed in outdoor applications, primarily in the water and wastewater industries, where open bodies of water, deep wells or boreholes are monitored. An excellent connection to ground is essential when installing hydrostatic level sensors, since no grounding or poor grounding can lead … Read more

Integration of a ceramic pressure sensor

In Arrogant – and price-critical applications, the ceramic pressure sensor offers a compact and cost-effective solution for implementing pressure measurement which is embedded in the customer’s application. However, there are some details to consider when integrating the ceramic cell.For example, each sensor must be measured and adjusted (see: “Integration of a pressure sensor element – … Read more

20 years of WIKA-Live – a success story

20 years of WIKA-Live – finally, the career orientation week for pupils from regional schools around the head office in Klingenberg actually took place live again – in its “anniversary year”. It had been forced to take a break due to the pandemic.Trainees and the training team were once again visibly looking forward to the … Read more

CIGRE Meeting in Klingenberg

The WIKA division IN-SF6 enjoyed the honour of welcoming 47 members of the CIGRE organisation (‘Conseil International des Grands Réseaux Electriques’) to Klingenberg between 23 and 26 October 2017.CIGRE – founded in 1921 – is an international, not-for-profit association to promote cooperation between experts from around the world. Through the exchange of knowledge and the … Read more